How to cut Cable TV

It’s pretty simple really. I woke up one day and realized that it’s just not worth it. Why would I continue to pay for something that I never use? And truth be told, it’s not a small amount of money that I’m dolling out every month either. Throw in the multi-room DVR and taxes and surcharges and I am close to paying $150 per month for cable. I know you’re in the same situation, that’s what brought you here. Well I am here to tell you how to cut cable TV and that I have made it – I’m here to tell you how to do the same.

Internet connection
As you have already guessed, there’s no secret formula. But there are some requirements. You’re going to have to have an Internet connection if you want to actually replace cable programming with something else. This is an interesting one too. You probably have Internet access bundled in with your cable TV subscription. It probably gets delivered to your home through the same “pipe” as your Cable TV service. This isn’t a bad thing. You can actually un-bundle that bundle. If you’re serious about cutting the cord, make the call to your Cable provider but make sure you tell them that you still want to use them for their Internet service. Or, shop around to see if competitors in the area have better deals. There’s some cool incentives right now like free tablets when you set up a new service.

Local Programming
Lots of people are afraid of cutting the cord because they don’t want to lose their local newscast (or Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy). This may sound crazy, but you don’t need a cable subscription or a set top box (fancy name for the big black box that you point the remote at to change channels) to get local programming. These channels are all available “Over the Air”. Remember when there were those crazy big TV antennas on top of your house (yeah, me neither). Well you don’t have to go out and find one of those…rabbit ear antennas or newer technologies become available to make it possible for you to grab those over the air signals and get them to render on your TV.

Alternative programming
Now that you have your local news, game shows and dancing/singing/acting/surviving/etc reality shows piped into your TV it’s time to do some self reflection. Besides these shows what else do you really watch? Make a list of cable shows that you watch on a regular basis. Is that list pretty short? Then you are probably like many Americans who endlessly “surf” hundreds of channels looking for  something to watch. I spent most of my nights just changing channels or reading the guide instead of actually watching something. Okay back to your list. Take a look at it and do a little digging. Most, if not everything on the list is either available to watch from one of the Over the Top services like Netflix, HULU or Amazon – or could be replaced with programming from one of these alternatives.

Navigate over to this handy chart that we’ve put together that lists out your other options: