Watch TV for FREE!

Whether you’re cutting the cord for good or you’re just looking for some different ways to watch TV for free online. You’ve found the definitive guide to getting that done. We’ve mined many pages of search results to put together a page that defines for you the best ways to watch TV for free.

There are some paid services that we’re sure you’ve heard of like HULU Plus and Netflix that deliver consumers programming for a small monthly fee. But that’s not what we’re talking about here – you want to watch TV for free and that’s exactly what we’re going to focus on:

We’re not talking about HULU Plus here. Just regular old Hulu has tons of programming for free. Yep, they have commercials but at the end of the day, it’s totally worth the 30 second time investment to get your favorite shows for free.

Network websites
All of the major networks post their recently aired shows online for free. You might not be watching that program live, but the truth is, who does that anymore anyway? Between DVR and other options, few Americans sit down and watch a show when it originally airs. And if you’ve cut the cord on cable TV and are looking to watch TV for free, this is a perfect way to keep up on your favorite reality shows or even newscasts. And, in a 24 hour news cycle that we live in – most of it is just repeated ad nauseum throughout the day.

Much like HULU, Crackle is a free service with tons of programming. It became pretty famous when Jerry Seinfeld (the guy from that show) began his popular “Comedians in cars getting coffee” program. But besides that, Crackle has tons of movies (some B listers for sure, but face it they are better to watch than reading the cable guide for 2 hours) and some of your favorite shows.

Delivers news networks from around the world in one place. Some of the news streams that LiveStation offers include Al Jazeera, Sky News, Reuters, BBC, and more–all for free. The quality of the images and audio are pretty good but take some time to load.
Don’t be fooled. looks like a big blog of reviews but that’s not all it has. Navigate over to the video tab and you’ll see what I mean. They aggregate a bunch of recently aired TV shows for viewing FOR FREE. It reminds us of a HULU service without as many commercials – but also without as many shows to choose from.

Every one of these services are free and can be used to watch TV online for free. Why pay high cable bills when you can literally find what you need from the above options?